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Valuable Treasures from Space: Space exploration has been providing with loads of new and interesting information about our vast universe. The United States has always been in the race of space exploration with full sprint for last few decades. Some of the most genius minds of the world have been analyzing every single discovery, whether big or small to uncover the hidden truths of the universe. Yet no one among the astronauts has succeeded in finding something so massive that he didn’t want to share it with the world.

An Astronaut Discovered Valuable Treasures:

An Astronaut named Gordon Cooper was on a space mission to gather valuable insights into the workings of our vast universe. The mission was sponsored by NASA. While orbiting around the planet, Cooper observed something on the Earth’s surface- Something so valuable that he would keep it secret for more than five decades. However, recently the secret was exposed to the whole world.
Gordon Cooper, a boy of Oklahoma, did something at the age of seven that most of the people will never do in their whole life. His dad was an Army colonel who allowed him to ride long in his airplane. He briefly let the young boy man the controls of the airplane. This sparked his lifelong fascination with flying.

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Cooper served in the Air Force, Marines, and as a test pilot on Edwards Air Force Base before the age of 32. During his service as a test pilot, he suggested some industry-changing improvements to the F-106B Delta Dart jet fighter which increased his popularity in the industry. That something amazing happened.

Photo Credits: Wikimedia
Astronaut discovered Valuable Treasures from Space:

NASA invited Cooper to Washington, D.C in 1959 as a potential candidate for the Mercury Project. The mission of the project was to put the man into Earth’s orbit and then return him safely. Cooper was an ideal candidate for the project.
He was shortlisted among 109 potential candidates and was selected by NASA as one of the seven men for the program. Cooper conducted his first mission abroad in May 1963 named Faith 7 in a craft so small that it could fit someone under five feet and 11 inches tall only.

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The instruction given to Cooper was very simple. He had to go into the space solo, survive and study the zero gravity’s prolonged effects on the body of a human. Automatic spacecraft was made to pilot itself.

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The mission started on May 15 and ended on May 16. Cooper spent only 34 hours in the orbit of the earth becoming the first astronaut to sleep in the space. In the midst of this enormous achievement, disaster nearly struck him.


Photo Credits: Science
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Valuable Treasures from Space:

During the return flight to the earth, the automatic pilot system of Faith 7 malfunctioned. As Cooper was an experienced flier, he didn’t panic. Instead, he perfectly grabbed the controls of the spacecraft and landed it safely. Now what? Did the mission end?

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The mission of Cooper involved taking images of the earth. “Man, all I do is take pictures, pictures, pictures,” He stated in a message to the ground control. The camera used by Cooper was equipped with the magnetic aberrations along the surface of the earth. He used the camera to secretly look for the nuclear bases and submarines of the Soviet Union off the coast of the United States. During this, he uncovered some eye-opening stuff.

Photo Credits: Science
An astronaut found valuable treasures from space:

Cooper detected hundreds of anomalies near the coast of Caribbean. The aberrations discovered by him were not big enough as the nuclear sites. The question is what were they?
He was not sure about what he spotted from the space but he had a few ideas which needed further research. He decided not to tell about these anomalies to NASA or anyone else. The reason for this action is still unknown but he wanted to embark on his own personal mission.
Once safely landed on earth, he started investigating to find the facts. All of the aberrations that he discovered seemed bunched around the trading routes of Spanish ships. This was more than a coincidence.
Cooper quickly found that the shipping routes had many possible shipwrecks. He researched the history to find out about the shipwrecks in past. The results of his research made him confident about his discovery.

Photo Credits: Chesapeake Bay
Cooper discovered valuable treasures from space:

There was a number of other successful missions of Cooper like Gemini 5 in which he spent 190 hours in space. Still, he never had time to explore his discoveries. With the passage of time, Cooper grew old.

credits: UFO Casebook

Cooper was afraid that his discoveries may end with him. So he phoned his friend Darrel Miklos who was an explorer and had an experience hunting for rocket ship debris.

Photo Credits: Inquisitr

Cooper passed away in 2004. His map with spotted points was safely handed to Miklos. It was the time for Miklos to find the facts behind the anomalies spotted by Cooper.

Photo Credits: Discovery
Cooper discovered valuable treasures from space:

“I believed Gordon 100 percent. I didn’t need proof.” Miklos told Parade magazine. Neither did the Discovery Channel, which, along with Miklos, created Cooper’s Treasure, a 2017 TV show that documented the investigation.
Miklos started traveling to spot on the Cooper’s map looking for something of shipwrecks. He used the deep-sea divers to survey the ocean floor to find a sign.

Photo Credits: Virgin

The crew discovered a massive anchor in the bottom of the sea and soon realized that it was from the era of Christopher Columbus. This was an extremely valuable artifact.

Photo Credits: Daily mail
 An astronaut discovered valuable treasures from space:

By mid-2017, Miklos along with his crew searched five spots from Cooper’s map and found evidence of a shipwreck at all five. Still, there are hundreds of points left to explore which means that there will be many treasures waiting for Miklos to uncover them. Miklos has planned to visit the rest of places to find more valuable things. Surely, it will take time to discover more.
Regardless of whether Miklos has already discovered much and is on the way to discover more treasures in the future, his friend Gordon Cooper will surely be happy to finally see his secrets paying off very well.
Photo Credit: Spaceflight Insider

In conclusion, It will not be wrong saying that an Oklahoman boy(an astronaut who found valuable Treasures from Space) flew in the skies throughout his life, had found some of the most incredible discoveries of the world beneath the earth.

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