Top 10 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places in the World – 2018 Update

10 Wonderland Amusement Park

Outside of Beijing China well as an abandoned theme park called Wonderland. This idea was proposed by Thailand based property Development Company. I wanted to build the largest amusement park in Asia construction stopped in 1998 and then when they try to finish it in 2008. They ran into some financial problems of the Disneyland light castle and the would-be centerpiece for this park.

9 Dome Houses

Dome Houses that were built on the southern tip of the Marco Islands in Cape Romano and are still quite. The enigma some people in the area thought they belong to some type of mysterious cult the claim is most likely aren’t true but some real estate developer had a theory that some people might want to live actually on the ocean.

8 The Remains Of The Pegasus

The Pegasus was a Lockheed Constellation aircraft that ran into some bad weather and crashed on October 8th, 1970, fortunately, no one was injured in the crash but they had quite the dilemma on their hands being trapped in Antarctica this could have gone much worse for the passengers and luckily they were rescued. The Pegasus is now still buried under snow and only parts of it are visible.

7 The Monsell Sea Forts

The Monsell Sea forts were built in 1942 and consist of seven sea towers. The idea was to provide anti-aircraft protection against the German Luftwaffe. The strategic location needed to be fortified in order to protect London from being bombarded and keep possible Nazi war boats from cruising down the Thames River. These were decommissioned in the late 1950s leaving them abandoned.

6 The Sarajevo Bobsled Track

Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and was awarded the 1984 Winter Olympics. It Looks like nature is taking over in this photo. The bobsled track at one point held 50,000 people to watch luge and bobsledding activities when war struck in the area. The track was damaged eventually used to place artillery the track is now still there today but covered in graffiti now that the war is over people enjoy using this area for basically

5 Russian Military Rocket Factory

A girl named Lanna decided to sneak into a Russian rocket Factory in Moscow and took a few cool photos the factory was once a big producer of weaponry during the Cold War. The Russian government is apparently harassing her for trespassing but I think it was totally worth it when she went there were no guards any security and it didn’t seem like a big issue why wouldn’t they have demolished the factory if it was such a big deal and the complex engineering and mechanics that was needed to construct missiles and it’s still in great condition.

4 Keelung Taiwan

Keelung Taiwan abandoned it really isn’t too much written about Keelung Taiwan at least in English but we’re sure it’s interesting. There’s a place in Taiwan completely separate called pylon city which has a population of over 350,000 people but these two should not be confused. Keylung seems to be completely engulfed in vegetation trees and bushes. The city was finally demolished but luckily looks like a zombie apocalypse or something right.

3 Nara dreamland

Nara Dreamland Abandoned was built near Nara Japan in 1961. It was inspired by the USA’s Disneyland it closed 45 years later due to low attendance but the remnants of the park still remain. One of the roller coasters that must have had long lines at some point one of the largest abandoned theme parks in the world people still come here to photograph. The area witnessed the works of art and architecture as well the paint still remains on the attractions and is still in good condition. Nara Dreamland featured their versions of Main Street Matterhorn and the monorail.

2 el Hotel del salto

el Hotel del salto abandoned Just southwest of Bogota Colombia is a spooky tourist attraction that dangles on top of a large cleft in the rainforest. It also has a view of an enormous waterfall. According to legends during the Spanish conquest of South America people would jump off the cliff you’ve seen this photo in order to avoid slavery. It was once a luxurious hotel teeny with wealthy travelers some people believe the hotel is closed doors due to contaminated River water.

1 Sunken Yacht

Sunken Yacht Abandoned eerie photo was taken of a sunken Brazilian yacht off the Maxwell Bay in Antarctica. The yacht belongs to a famous journalist and entrepreneur the most likely ran to strong winds while the crew was there to film a documentary. The career was eventually rescued by the Chilean Navy but the memories of being trapped for two days must have been frightening hopefully he still got some good film for his documentary.

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