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Abandoned Web is a digital media company with offices in Los Angeles, Toronto, Geneva, and Albania. We pride ourselves on creating content for abandoned places that is highly-engaging and with significant global reach. We work with people around the world and we are happy for everyone who wants to be part of our staff!

We have a lots of Facebook Publishers, providing them with content that enables them to generate a profitable and sustainable income stream by sharing our content on their pages.

Abandoned Web aka AW’s mission is to help Facebook Publishers grow their audiences while generating a passive monthly income stream. Our Publishers achieve this by simply sharing our brand-friendly content that is relevant, topical and ensures high audience reach and engagement.

By partnering with AW, you’re partnering with the best.

Facebook Likes Our Content
We have a close working relationship with Facebook that enables us to help our celebrity and social media influencer partners develop their accounts, grow their audiences, and increase their reach on Facebook.

Your Fans Will Love Our Content
Our content matching process enables us to identify in advance the content that your audience will respond to best in order to ensure that they have the best user experience interacting with you and your brand on Facebook.

We Have Over 10 Years In Internet & Content Marketing Experience
Our founders have the combined experience of over 10 years in the internet industry. Content curation and publishing is just the beginning. We have extensive knowledge and experience in advanced data analytics, marketing, branding, programming, social media and more..

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