Minkie and her Granny Peesy – A Creepy Murder Story

Long time ago, Minkie and her grandmother moved to a new place somewhere in the city. There was a village about 11 kilometers from the city. Minkie’s grandmother Peesy was an old school. She always wanted to go to village and often decided to leisure her soul with its joys and peace. But it never happened!
Minkie was about 16 years old. She had her high school and friends. She always loved the passionate cities. There was one thing she never liked about the cities, that was, its creepiness when they were alone at home.

As soon as, Peesy and Minkie moved to the new house, they felt lonelier as there were no neighbors and shops but a boulevard and a haunting park right next to their house. They set up things in no time and Peesy cooked fresh apple pie with cream soup in the evening. They were tired but the yummy meal and chit chat about this haunting place pleased them for a while.
That night, Minkie witnessed something infrequent and spine-chilling in the kitchen. The gust touched her hair and her heart started thumping faster than normal, she lost the nerve to think and look behind through kitchen door. Finally, she turned around winded, she saw Peesy struggling to hang photo frames over the kitchen wall alongside the door. She was calm now and helped Peesy with it and they got it done. But, it was not over she perceived the same a few minutes later another time. She decided not to tell Peesy until she was certain there is nothing lingering about this place.
That night, they both went to bed in peace. They had one bedroom, a living room and a kitchen. That was sufficient for two individuals.
Days passed, Minkie still witnessed that same feeling. She knew there was something in this house lingering and strange. The house was uninhibited for about thirty-two years. Its walls had stories to communicate. The windows groaned fright. The doors screeched cursed feelings. Peesy, also knew that she has chosen a wrong place to live, she never gave up prayers and she knew god will protect them from malicious and cursed.
Eight months later, Peesy was sitting in her rocking chair. Minkie came out of the kitchen with glass of water for her and her medicine. She came closer and saw that Peesy was sweltering severely. Her hands were trembling and her breath was faster than ever. Her eyes were pale portraying dreadfulness and her lips were quivering as if she wanted to tell her something but she persisted in that situation for a few minutes. And, she stood up of the rocking chair and went out of the house looking at the park constantly and avidly. Minkie, tried to ask her but she was silent. Peesy, asked Minkie to take her to the park and stay with her for rest of the day. They went to the park. Peesy, sat on a bench and Minkie along with her.
The park was still and lurid at the same time. The grass was wilted, flowers were dead and leaves were shedding. Trees were old and dry. The swings were terrible and shattered with corrosion.
They both had that silence among them while observing objects in park. Minkie once again asked Peesy, if she was normal now. But, no answer. Peesy, saw something awful and she never would like to tell her granddaughter about it.
As the evening ended and night started. The moon was shining brighter than ever and sky was looking calm with stars and nightingales. Birds in trees were whispering and owls looking at them. The winds cold and haunting at the same time passed their skins. A few minutes later, Minkie looked at the side of her and she was traumatized to see what had occurred to Peesy.

She saw a black shadow with protruding red plump eyes standing with Peesy. Whatever that thing was, it was consuming Peesy alive. There was all blood and flesh and skin shattered on the bench and ground. Peesy started blaring loudly and shriek. Her expression was spookier than hell. Minkie struggled to save her grandmother, she started yelling and gasping, she threw a rock over that thing. But, all was useless. She had to run to save her life. But could not make it possible. That cursed ghost killed Minkie too.
No one ever knew what happened to them. A few days later, Minkie’s friends came to see her. They found grandmother’s bloody jacket and Minkie’s head hanging outside the door. They found blood all the way to main door and park. They decided to the inspection team. The house was inspected as people considered it a murder case.
Minkie and Peesy remained a mystery forever!

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