Man Who Buried 42 School Buses To Make Huge Doomsday Shelter

With the advancement in the technology, the threat of nuclear war has increased. There is no denial of the fact that any upcoming war in the world will definitely the nuclear war. Another fact is no one among is safe.
Some people have left everything to fate while others are trying to be prepared for the worst-case scenarios. In fact, there is a whole network of people who are continuously preparing to survive in case of any disaster like nuclear war. If you don’t know what to do in the case of a nuclear war, just ask a man named Bruce Beach who has spent years preparing for any emergency situation.
Bruce Beach, a man from Horning’s Mills, Canada has created a bunker for the doomsday that is so unusual that you actually need to see it in order to believe it. People say that Bruce is mad but he knows what he is doing and he is sure that he will be the last laugh on earth in case of a nuclear fallout.

The advanced media has spread information on one end, while it has also spread some threatening news like continuously increasing the threat of nuclear war between the United States and other countries. Believe me, Bruce Beach has the perfect solution in event of a nuclear fallout.

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Bruce used to live in Chicago. During the Cold war in the 1970s, he began thinking about the ideas to survive in the case of nuclear war. After the research, he found Horning’s Mills, a remote area to be the perfect place to set up there.

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Bruce started gathering old school buses. From 1980 to 1985, he had gathered almost 42 school buses in his remote property in Canada. You might be thinking what Bruce was planning to do with the old school buses. The reason is going to blow your mind.

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Bruce dropper all buses in the massive underground pit. He then covered the buses with the concrete for reinforcement. Now, he owns and maintains the largest functioning nuclear fallout shelter in North America. Bruce calls this shelter, “Ark Two”

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The structure is so perfectly engineered that Bruce thinks that it is virtually impenetrable to anything short of a direct nuclear strike. The structure is of 10,000 square feet and has the capacity to withhold 500 people easily. There are rooms for different activities and daily errands

Most of the neighbours of Bruce believe that Bruce is wasting time in maintaining such a huge place. However, Bruce believes that he is maintaining the place that will shelter him in case of a nuclear attack in the world.
Ark Two was made 14 feet underground. Bruce bought each of the buses is $300 which costs $12,600 approximately. One may think it as an expensive idea but Bruce believes that it’s worth it. He has been working since last 35 years to make sure that his structure will be fully equipped in case of a nuclear emergency.

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Many survival preparation organizations have been attracted towards Ark Two. The event organizer of Ontario Prepper Survival Network, Che Bodhi stated about the massive structure of Bruce, “When you go inside the bunker for the first time, it is a different planet, it’s like you’re on Mars. When you hear about this concept of 42 school buses underground, to fathom it is nothing compared to going in and actually seeing it…It’s crazy in there.”

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The bunker has two industrial kitchens, classrooms for children, a living room, washrooms with running water and many other basic facilities that anyone may need in case of an emergency.

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The structure has also its own well to provide clean drinking water. It has diesel generators with more than three months fuel. It also has its own electronic radio communication system which is able to transmit information throughout Canada and the United States.

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Ark Two has fully equipped separate bunks for males and females. It also has a cubicle like storage spaces where people can keep their personal belongings. It is not wrong saying that he has not left any stone while preparing his bunker system.

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To eliminate the threat of a disease or radiation, Bruce has made two decontamination rooms. Any visitor will have to pass from it so that any type of disease or radiation can be eliminated from him.

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Not everyone is in the favour of bunker made by Bruce. He has been facing political and bureaucratic pressure for years. He built the bunker without proper permits which is why the government has taken him to court for more than 30 times.

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With the passage of time, Bruce has started facing problems in maintaining the bunker. He has been facing opposition from the fire department of the area to close the bunker. The community website of Ark Two reads, “The Ark Two SAFE (Safe America For Everyone) Community is the largest pluralistic survival community in North America without any political, religious, or cultural bias. Its purpose is to ameliorate the catastrophe of a nuclear war or other world-wide cataclysmic catastrophe and to help restore civilization”

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The world may think that Bruce is mad and has wasted his whole life in a dumb idea. But see the positive side. He has made a fortress for the rural town of Horning’s Mills. Hopefully, there will be no nuclear war. But if it does, Bruce will be the only man to be contacted. .

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Bruce has definitely built something that is unique as well as useful. The world may not find its usefulness and we wish they may never get to know its usefulness. Bruce welcomes anyone who can help him in maintaining the Bunker.

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