How Nature itself Related Stephen Hawking with Galileo and Einstein

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Stephen Hawking:

Stephen Hawking, the greatest scientist of the century, died recently on March 14 at the age of 76. He is considered as the descendant of some of the greatest scientists of history like Galileo, Einstein, Kepler, and Newton. Stephen helped the humans to understand the nature of the universe using his brilliant understanding of Quantum mechanics. He unleashed some of the most brilliant secrets of the universe which may not be possible to understand without him.
Stephen received 13 honorary degrees from world’s renowned institutes in the whole world. He was awarded a number of prestigious awards for his achievements in the field of science. Some of the greatest awards received by him include the Fundamental Physics Prize and the Copley Medal.
It seems like history has repeated itself by giving birth to the greatest scientist. Stephen Hawking was born on January 8, 1942, exactly 300 years after the death of Galileo. Galileo was a revolutionary scientist whose experiments laid the foundation of many new fields of physics. His most prominent achievements included quantum mechanics and theoretical physics. These were the major fields of interests for Stephen Hawking. How surprising!

Stephen Hawking
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Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with ALS or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis at the age of 21. It is a motor neuron disease that gradually makes the person paralyzed completely. He was confined to a wheelchair since the early 1970s. Although his condition was very bad he didn’t stop his struggle in the field of science. He kept struggling in the field and meanwhile he published many essays, gave many lectures and developed many new ideas.
When Stephen was diagnosed with such a dangerous disease, he withdrew from the public spotlight. He refused to speak about his condition to the people but when he became an emissary in the 1990s for the disabled people who often used to point out that disabled people should not stop living, he started to speak to the public. He had already lost his ability to speak so he consulted with many computer engineers, neuroscientists, and experts who helped to develop a device for him that could talk instead of him.
Apart from his intelligence, Stephen had exceptional wit and a great sense of humor. In 1992, he stated that it is impossible to time travel in past while in 2009, he decided to test his assumption about time traveling in an unusual way. He organized a party open for everyone at his home. The party had every type of entertainment including cocktails, canapés, and champagne. Although the party was open to everyone, there was only one person in the party who was Stephen himself. He publicized the party a day after it took place. Since no one came to the party, he concluded that if time traveling could have existed, there would be a lot of people in the party.

Stephen Hawking
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His appearances in the TV shows and programs cannot be forgotten. He used to deliver lectures on complex issues of science. Furthermore, he also used to appear in one of his favorite shows named Star Trek: The Next generation. In an episode of the show, he was seen playing poker with some of the greatest minds of the scientific world like Isaac Newton, Commander Data, and Albert Einstein.
Recently, Stephen appeared in a very popular science-oriented show named The Big Bang Theory. In the episode, he delivered tongue-in-cheek punch lines and humorously scolded the series ‘most memorable character’ charming and weird young scientist named Sheldon Cooper.
The death of Stephen Hawking left another amazing story. He died exactly 139 years after the birth of Albert Einstein, the greatest scientist of 20th century born in Germany who developed a theory of relativity. The birth and death of Hawking seem like he was marked by science.

Stephen Hawking
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Stephen will be remembered throughout the world as one of the greatest and most intelligent minds of the world. His revolutionary and visionary work will always become the platform for the future scientists and philosophers. His work will help the future generations to find the answers which are still unanswerable.

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