Do you Know What it Means When you See a Green light Outside a House

There are a number of people who have been serving as the member of the United States Armed Forces in overseas areas. These people are highly professional and do risk their lives. These brave people miss countless precious moments of their lives for the well-being of the country.
Some of the veterans come back to their home without any injury yet many of them return to their home with scars that never heal. This includes physical as well as mental scars. Yet one cannot recognize a veteran out of the uniform. These folks have often have sacrificed so much for the rights of their fellow countrymen.
The veterans do not wear the uniform after the service. Some people think these folks do not receive the appreciation they deserve. However, people around the country are trying to do something to say “thank you” to these veterans. Their method of paying tribute to these veterans is worth seeing.

We heavily rely on the armed forces of our country to protect us and our families from any types of potential harms.

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We usually see pictures and footages of our men fighting on the foreign soil in different battles. We only see the photographs and feel bad for them for some moments and then we easily put it out of our minds.

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These brave men and women go and fight in the battles. In the overseas soil, they have to face long working hours with strenuous shifts. Such type of stress makes lives difficult when they come back home.
These veterans are so habitual to the fighting environment that leaving the war behind becomes difficult for them. Thankfully, some people are doing something exceptional for these veterans which starts with a simple green bulb.

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There are a number of programs started to help veterans to reintegrate into their daily lives as a normal civilian. They get flashbacks and shaking memories of what they have witnessed in their work lives. So one of the programs that are emotionally resonant is Greenlight A Vet.

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Every soldier faces the trauma of war in their way. Some of them return to home with physical injuries while other suffer from PTSD. It makes them feel invisible. That’s why the folks at Wal-Mart proposed this simple idea to praise them
Wal-Mart has started a campaign to put a green light on the porch of everyone’s house which will be a silent gesture that the nation of the United States supports their veterans. It is a simple yet effective campaign to tell the veterans that we all are with them.

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Our nation is one of the most responsible nations in the world. We feel it our duty to support the troops on their duty and the veterans when they stop serving the country. Wal-Mart believes that Greenlight A Vet is simple yet a great way to show how much the sacrifices of these veterans mean to us

The campaign is different from other campaigns in the aspect that you do not need to do anything much. All you need to do is to light a green light on your porch, go online and add your house the Greenlight A Vet map. That’s how you will be able to see how many people across the country have joined the campaign.

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If you want to pay tribute to the ones who sacrifice their lives, just go the store, buy a Greenlight and show the veterans that you already stand with them and you are thankful to them for all they did for you and your country.

The amazing campaign of Wal-Mart to pay tribute to the war veterans is highly appreciable. Don’t forget to change one of your lights outside the home and honour the veterans.

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  1. As a mother of a son stationed in Afghanistan, I greatly appreciate the efforts of those that create ways to honor our servicemen.
    This is an excellent campaign, and an informative, well written article on the subject of honoring our military protectors.

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