Abandoned Roman Salami Factory Becomes an Illegal… BUT NOW A UNIQUE MUSEUM !

Responding about new civilizations and experiences, the 42-year-old Mustapha from Morocco hoped an exciting life when he reached Italy 20 years ago. But even in their wild dreams did’t expect to live in a illegal museum. Mustapha one of the 200 inhabitants of a former slim factory in the suburbs of Rome, an important architecture in the Italian capital.

In 2009, a team of Italians and immigrants from Morocco, Sudan, Eritrea, Peru, and Ukraine and many local Roma families entered the lost meat factory complex in Tour Sapinza subset in Rome. The occupants, most of which were homeless and most of which were unknown to each other before moving to the factory, clean the area and turned back to the facilities at home. In 2009, the abandoned greeting factory in the suburbs of Rome became an illegal home for 60 families all over the world.

Two years later, Italian artist Georgio de Finese came across this place, who lived with people all of the world to deal with an anthropologist. With collaboration with its residents, DeFinance has developed several art projects in “City-of-the-City”, because he calls it, and failed to cooperate, which is now a unique museum.

Awardso del ‘Ultra de Metropolitan’ (MAAM or “Museum of Other and Other Places of Metropolitan” in English offers scarf, paintings and installation of Approximate 400 artists from the world. Some of them belong to the famous contemporary visual artists, such as Michelle Pietototto, but the museum also shows the works of young street artists from the streets. “It’s a good place to paint. It’s a good opportunity for us. We paint it illegally and they don’t need any permission here.”

Roman graphic artist Wears says that the MAAM Decorating of the building walls with his friend. “We come Mass with her friend. “We come here, paint, have fun, and talk with the museums.” All pieces of art donate to this illegal museum The museum works on a funds all artists donate their tasks to MAAM.

De Giorgio says “this is a very democratic view where artists and artists of multiple age, kind and status get together.” The animal murder site and its change are due to death where enough people have started their new life. A hall, which was once used targeted of, is now covered with a large painting of executed pigs.

Some artists have developed a playroom for the children of MAAM, who are at the time artwork. Over 80 children living in MAAM were born there. She and her parents live in home houses in the part with factory and auxiliary buildings. The dead and art facilities are around them. A team of artists has developed an area for the children of MAAM Teachers have also helped maintain the museum exhibition area and the cafe cafeteria.

De Finance closely collaborates with them, Troy seeks to establish a positive relationship with the unfortunate enemies of Sopainza, where protesters are protesting over the past few years. Italy’s anti-immigration passion for Italy to cure the population of Italy, Italy has criticized these organizations for the analysis of Roma’s population, because the government forced Roma families from informal residents to cities over the country.

Have stopped The residents of MAAM fear can be removed from the building, they just open the doors at the peers. In the opinion of De Giorgio, Italian art artists can help the museum’s inhabitants. MAAM owns most of 400 artists from 500 artworks “If you get out 200 people, including 80 nurse, to sleep on the streets, this will not be a big problem, and you’ll get two lines in newspapers that ‘neighborhood beauty’ has started.

“But if the place owners have destroyed art 500 works with a significant commercial cost, they will be presented as ISS or students who are destroying Wednesday in Afghanistan.” More has been no attempt to be fooled until the last seven years – a factory which has been employed as a museum. But the owner of the building and owner of Italian engineering and construction companies, Sleini Amiggradl, has filed a case against the squaders, claiming that they are destroying the building. Is down on trial Many MAA citizens are unemployed and live on the poverty and social separation.

De Finis hopes that the government will recognize how MAAM is so important and symbolic. After that, he says, this art will be released “an art bacterium to defend this place”, which will be thrown out by the builder and potentially change the place of shopping.

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