A 3,000 years old bust made by Ancient Egyptians that exactly look like Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Bust
Photo Credit: Art Knowledge News

Michael Jackson:

Ever wondered how Egyptians would know about Michael Jackson? It sounds unrealistic but a bust of a woman kept in Chicago Museum that looks like Late Michael Jackson. The statue has been kept in the museum since the 19th century but it never got any special attention.
When King of Pop, Michael Jackson died in 2009, people started coming in groups to see the statue looking like the star of their hearts. People are allowed to see the statue but they cannot touch it. It is kept in a glass.
The sculpture has bony cheeks, prominent eyes, and a missing nose. It has become a pilgrimage point for the diehard fans of Michael Jackson. Some people have seen claiming that the sculpture is not real. The claim may seem to be true for any other American Museum but the Field Museum of National History in Chicago is well-known for its authentic artifacts. The museum has some of the most significant Egyptian Mummies in it with some popular bronze sculptures depicting Egyptian Deity Bastet. This Deity Bastet may have been keeping a mummified cat as claimed by some archaeologists.

Michael Jackson Bust
Photo Credit: Biography

After the death of Michael Jackson in 2009, people started coming to the museum to see the look-alike of their favorite superstar. The director of Guest relations museum commented in August 2009,

“People are coming from all over the country to see the statue and compare its likeness to the king of pop”

The artifact was purchased by the National Museum of Chicago at the end of 19th century and was brought from Cairo to Chicago. As the artifacts were not very special, it was not displayed in the museum until 1988. The sculpture seems strange because the history of it is scarce. Some archaeologist claim that it was made in the Ancient Egypt New Kingdom Period probably from 1050 B.C to 1500 B.C. This means that the bust was probably made in the reign of King Tutankhamun or in the reign of King Ramesses II. Nobody can be sure about that.
The popularity of the bust has been increasing with time after the Death of King of Pop. The size of the bust is 10 inches in height and 13.7 inches in width. It always remains protected behind a glass screen.

The missing nose of the bust has been attracting the people. They have been seen dazzling the nose with that of Michael Jackson. There are many explanations by the archaeologists about the missing nose of this woman’s bust and other Egyptian sculptures. Many other Ancient Rome and Greece sculptures are also seen with missing nose and other body parts.

Michael Jackson Bust
Photo Credit: Ancient Origins
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Some people have claimed that the missing parts of the sculptures are due to a deliberate action for religious reasons. The worshipers of many religions including Islam and Christianity may have defaced the sculptures to reduce the profane of these statues. Another reason may be the fact that these sculptures have been there for centuries and were not treated with as much care as they are treated now.
Another possible reason is the mistakes of archaeologists. When the archaeology field was not much developed, the archaeologists were not much cautious during their work. Plus, there were not suitable instruments to carefully mine precious artifacts. This must have damaged the ancient artifacts. Whether someone had deliberately defaced the sculptures or they were done by mistake or something else, no one can ever be 100% sure about this.
The King of Pop Michael Jackson probably never saw his sculpture from Ancient Egypt but Michael Jackson was seen appearing in the setting of Ancient Egypt in a music video in 1993 named “Remember the time”. This can also be the reason why the fans find the bust of a woman more striking.

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